Body Psychotherapy Somatic Experiencing

Body Psychotherapy Somatic Experiencing

Your body is smart

Your body remembers every event since the day you were born. In fact, even things that you forgot – your body still remembers. Just like your body has the ability to remember, it also has the ability to heal itself.

I believe that our body is affected directly by our mind, so that many physical symptoms we have come from our state of mind. Even if during our lifetime the boundaries of mind-body are broken and hurt– you have the ability and the power to heal yourself.

The Inner Touch philosophy offers you a way to get in touch with your inner healing power:  Acquire tools which will enable you to reach a mind-body balance. Run your life, express yourself, break away from old patterns, and change them with clarity, while connecting with yourself and your body.

The Inner Touch Treatment is a mind-body treatment which combinespsychological contents and connects between all aspects of our being: the physical, the energetic, the psychological and the spiritual.

I invite you to listen to your body and to discover in it all the answers.

Who am I?

My name is Orly Steinbach. I was born in Tel-Aviv, married with two children.

In 1991, after I had my children, I began my personal journey, a journey which searched for mind, body, spiritual and energetic discoveries, which combined everything together. I have been practicing Chi Kong for several years.
Chi Kong is a martial art from the orient which combines relaxation, movement, breathing and sound until one reaches the level of an inner balance and self healing.

I am a therapist as well as an supervisor and a teacher. I belong to the Reidman College staff of teachers,

And am a member of the EABP –The European Association of Body Psychotherapy


Over 10 years ago I started my studies of Biosynthesis, a branch within body psychotherapy.

Biosynthesis is an integrative treatment method which regards man as a holistic being, and it was developed by Dr. David Boadella from Switzerland. I have also practiced mind-body Gestalt in Tel Aviv University, which was based upon the Body Process approach, which was developed in the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Ohio.

 A few years ago I started studying the S.E. Somatic Experiencing approach. This method of treating traumas with natural healing was developed by Dr. Peter Levin, Trauma Institute.


This method is based on the survival behavior of animals in nature, and regards traumas as a process which was disconnected abruptly. In this kind of a situation, the summoned energy cannot be released. The traumatic symptoms are an outcome of the biological response which was never completed. A great emphasis is given to a balance between strengthening man's resources and the processing of the traumatic memories. The method enables recovery of self regulation and recovering the broken boundaries.

During the treatment I incorporate body psychotherapy with S.E., and the combination has created the "Inner Touch" – man's natural ability to touch him, get connected with his own essence. This is where we can listen to ourselves, to our needs, decide the right decisions, be more connected with ourselves and our body, and learn how to enjoy it. After all, there is so much joy and pleasure in this body.

I am a therapist, an instructor and a workshop instructor. I specialize in holistic mind-body treatment which incorporates verbal, physical, movement and energetic work.

The clinic in Tel Aviv is available for personal treatments as well as couple hood treatments, group meetings and professional instruction for therapists.

I would like to expand a little about the Body Psychotherapy treatments.
Mind-body treatments – holistic body therapy

The founder of body psychotherapy was Wilhelm Reich, a disciple of the father of psycho-analysis, Sigmund Freud. According to this concept, the body is directly connected to the mind and they correlate with each other perpetually. To simplify things, aches of an "unknown nature, which one experiences, may be originated in a poor state of mind. Researches indicate that stress is the number one cause of disease.

Through my personal journey, I chose to incorporate a number of therapeutic techniques, in which an emphasis was put on self empowerment and a connecting to man's abilities and his power.
The basic assumption is that our body is smart, and it remembers all of the events from the day we were born (there are those who believe that we even remember life in the womb and at the moment of birth). The healing process is based on the fact that in each person there are healing powers and our work is to somehow reach them, to learn and recognize them, and to believe that the body can heal itself.
The healing will be achieved by fixing the boundaries of mind-body which were broken during one's life. During the treatment one acquires the tools which will enable oneself to create a relationship based on trust and the choice to express feelings instead of suppressing them.

How should you run your life? How should you express anger or any other feeling? This is your chance to release yourself of the old patterns and to replace them with connectedness and clarity.

The treatment which I give is a mind-body treatment which incorporates psychological contents. It connects between all our existing layers – the physical, the energetic, the psychological and the spiritual. Our thoughts and feelings affect our muscles, toning, our heart pace, our breathing and other physical symptoms.

The treatment is suitable for people who have difficulties in creating relationships,  difficulties in couple hood, difficulties in intimacy, difficulties in managing feelings and expressing feelings, or people who suffer from a great deal of stress, physical symptoms and psychosomatic diseases. A special attention is given to cases of sexual trauma, medical traumas and traumas from accidents.

The body is completely affected by the mind. This is the core of the treatment.

I will be happy to answer any question and to give any further details.


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