Online therapy via Skype

Online therapy via Skype

Online therapy via Skype

Emotional Online therapy via Skype is an appropriate response for people who have difficulty leaving the house for various reasons such as physical disability, postpartum depression, people who prefer to save time for travel to and from the clinic and other reasons.

Emotional Online therapy via Internet is suitable for situations of stress, anxiety states, feelings of blasts, distress, emotional crisis, psychosomatic phenomena, difficulties in relationships and intimacy.

Emotional Online therapy offers a wide range of therapeutic techniques tailored to each person. 

The technological development of the 21st century and the widespread use of the Internet have changed our lives significantly and opened the doors to innovative possibilities that made life easier, simpler and more accessible.

One of the innovative options allows us to use emotional online therapy via Skype, which is another way to remotely handle the Internet.

Online therapy began in the United States in the 1990s, and since then it has also reached Israel. Today the Skype remote treatment method has become popular in our country and is on the rise. The meeting via the Internet allows the patient to find a therapist and a therapeutic approach that suits him.

Online therapy provides an opportunity to treat those who cannot, for various reasons, come face-to-face. 

Of course, there is nothing like a one-on-one personal session in the therapy room with the Body Psychotherapy method where physical, emotional and energetic presence is a significant part of the process.

However, although the encounter does not take place in the same space, the therapeutic relationship based on an Internet video camera enables focusing on the patient's face and body.



How does it work?

In face-to-face psychotherapy you visit the therapist in her office, which means she has the capacity and responsibility to provide you with a consistently safe therapy space that is quiet, stable and as far removed as possible from any kind of disturbances and intrusions that would interrupt the therapeutic process. In online psychotherapy, since you are in your own home or office, the responsibility for creating such a space for every session lies with you. In an ideal world, the space you create should be free of such intrusions as phones ringing, people walking in and out of your space, the sense that someone might hear what you or your therapist are saying and anything that might make you feel unsafe in your therapy space. This is not always possible. Such disturbances are not detrimental to the actual therapy, so long as they are not the norm. This is definitely something you can talk with me about, so that together we can find the best solution.


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