Sometimes, when I want to feel good, I often close my eyes and return to your treatment room, imagining the weekly ritual: the stairs, the taking off of the shoes, Gucci, sitting in your chair, the hot tea, the window, the light in the room, the library, the stones on the window sill , the colors, the mattress, the pillows that hug me, your healing hand. This space allowed me to laugh, cry, listen to the quiet and look at things differently.

You held me and empowered me and always brought me back here and now. You reminded me that I have a variety of internal (and external) resources at my disposal and I can choose at any given moment to use them and live life peacefully and meaningfully by listening to my core true self.

Orly, thank you for listening, understanding, sharing your wisdom, being a container and providing a loving space to learn, love and grow.

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